It is not often that the competitor comments on its rival event. But the Microsoft XBOX marketing boss Aaron Greenberg did so on Twitter. He congratulated Sony with a friendly tone which is a great thing to do.

A greeting from the Microsoft XBOX marketing boss to Sony fans

The message by Aaron Greenberg seems to have a positive vibe over it as over 16.700 likes the Tweet. It is of course a marketing answer where he mentions games that were shown which will also be available for XBOX. But all in all, this is a nice way of saying that Microsoft is respecting the Playstation fans.

He also revealed that some of the titles that were revealed during the Playstation 5 event will also be available for XBOX gamers which includes GTA V, Resident Evil 8, Hitman 3, NBA 2K21, and Pragmata. They are all also coming to XBOX Series X he revealed. Also, Microsofts XBOX boss Phil Spencer retweeted Greenberg’s tweet.

Do not buy the PS5 Digital Edition Version

The new Playstation 5 aka PS5 will be a beast and I will continue suggesting that anyone planning on getting Sony’s new console should not buy the Digital Edition of the console. For some this energy seems wasted, but for me it is serious.

I really want people that if you want the Digital Edition of PS5. You will help Sony to destroy the used market and the ability for people to collect games. When you buy a game on-line it is not the same. In Europe these used game cons are huge and many gamers collect games. Subscribing or Downloading games is not the same. That is not cool at all.

So, I urge everyone to buy the full version of PS5. In that way, you also can buy BluRay movies and BUY movies to own them too. With the PS5 remote that comes with the console. It will be awesome to watch something physically and it will feel great. When you actually own the things you buy. You can watch the movie or game that you’ve bought at any time you want. No one can delete that movie or game from your library or games list. No one.