Google Chrome is world’s most used web browser now. Firefox is the second most and behind many like Opera and Safari, we find Edge that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 and replaced it with Internet Explorer. This browser is only available for the latest Windows operating system. But now, Microsoft got plans for Android and iOS. They have just stated that Edge will enter these world leading operating systems very soon!

Edge is now available for Windows 10 devices only for now

For now Edge is only available for Windows 10 computers, Windows 10 Mobile devices and Xbox One consoles. But regarding FrAndroid website, Microsoft is working with full Android and iOS launch of their browser for these operating systems.

However, there is a big question if there will be a iOS version at all. Since Apple requires all browsers on iOS to use their own WebKit-standard. Edge uses EdgeHTML and then it will be interesting to see if it will happen at all to see this browser there.

Apple is totally against Any competition on their iOS platform

Either its Edge or other types of browsers that doesn’t follow Apple standard. They aren’t allowed in. Apple wants total control over you and still people wants to support Apple? There is simply something logic that doesn’t compute with me at all. Competition is to give developers free hands, but this isn’t what Apple does. People thinks that they are more safe by using an iOS product. But you are even more researched and looked at by Apple than Google even. Apple can even do whatever they want on your device. If they feel that you shouldn’t have installed an app, they just remove the app from your device without asking!

On MacOSX (macOS) you can still use Firefox and other browsers with different engines. But this platform also lives pretty dangerous when it comes to freedom that you can run and do with it. For each release of MacOSX, Apple tries to increase your freedom bits by bits. It’s a really negative evolution for sure.