Since Windows 10 launch, Microsoft seems to have become obsessed with tracking its users or even forcing Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade. It seems like Microsoft tries to do anything to get users to use Windows 10 so that everyone can be tracked. Its really scary, but now it seems like France have put Microsoft tracking dream on hold maybe.

Three Months
Within the three next months, Microsoft have to comply with French privacy laws, which it have been abusing for some time now. There is absolutely no data protection from Microsoft and thats what worries the French government. Other governments in Europe, Asia, Africa and in America should also read this and do something about what Microsoft is really doing.

The most noticeable in this case is this note!
In a notice published on Wednesday, the CNIL said that Microsoft must also take steps to guarantee “the security and confidentiality” of its users’ personal information, after determining that the company was still transferring data to the US under the “Safe Harbor” agreement that an EU court invalidated in October. Microsoft has three months to comply with the orders, the CNIL said.

It is also known for a while that Microsoft keeps on tracking you, even if all of the tracking settings is turned off. Also the way of trying to shut off all of the settings gives even more questions. But this case isnt only Microsoft that does. Apple also does this! They are at the same level, especially when it comes to iPhone and iOS users. It seems like there is a sport for Amercian companies to track everyone here and there.

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