Mobile phone technology has been progressing so fast that even 5 years make a huge difference. Just a few years ago Smartphones were working only with Symbian OS and Palm OS. Later Apple with iOS and Google with Android came. Microsoft then created the Windows Mobile platform.

Windows Phone Mobile platform by Microsoft was going to become an healthy alternative to iOS and Android. But what is Microsoft doing with Windows Mobile?

Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community

Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone platform

It seems to me that Microsoft as a company has pushed its mobile platform away completely! Where is the love for the community? Is there any? OS2, BeOS and AmigaOS to name a few. They all survive because of a community that loves what they use. Software and support are coming all the time. But this Mobile platform seems to get the same faith as Symbian OS. Just leave the community to dust.

Many professionals still want to choose this Mobile alternative because they prefer its simple straightforward interface to the overstuffed environment of iPhone and Android. But Microsoft completely ignores this. Besides, Windows Mobile supports a very wide variety of different phone configurations, like phones with physical buttons, touch-screen phones, those that combine both physical buttons and touch-screen.

Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community


iPhone iOS platform by Apple does not offer that flexibility of choice and there are not many Android devices that have solid buttons. This is not just a matter of habit when you have to type a lot, real solid buttons prove to be more convenient. The variety of different configurations of Windows Mobile phones is not limited to the keypad, apart from the standard “candy bar” configuration, there are flip phones, slider phones, vertical and horizontal layout, and many other different features.

Windows Mobile’s strong user interface should be Loved way more by Microsoft

Of course, the user interface is not the only strong side of Windows Mobile. Its main advantage lies in the best system compatibility with the desktop versions of Microsoft’s operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 10.

PCs running Microsoft Windows occupy by far the largest share of the computer market, so the big question is why their mobile platform is suffering? Doesn’t Microsoft have enough faith in their own product? Does Microsoft just let iOS and Android beat them? Is this the Microsoft way of doing things? We didn’t thought of it but now we see that even one of the worlds richest companies can be torn apart.

Microsoft got no Love for their Windows Phone community


The compatibility with the Windows platform directly is one of main reasons why Microsoft shouldn’t have abandoned their Windows Mobile platform.

For the main mobile users, this feature is so useful that just this feature alone is sufficient for people to not to even think of switching to a different platform (those who travel a lot and often need Internet access will understand me). But Microsoft now has abandoned Windows Mobile store even. It is sad and it is proof that Microsoft never made their products because of love. But because of the money.

MSN Weather apps are no longer Available for Download

My Nokia Windows Mobile 10 phone got a security update. I had MSN Weather and all apps set up. The update progress began until it was stuck at the very last part. So I searched the net for reasons and it seems that Nokia phones got issues. So the only way to make the phone useable again was to factor reset it. Which meant that all of my settings etc were gone!

Then when I tried to download MSN Weather from the store on my phone. It is shown there but once you try to download the app. You get an error message that its unable to download it. I searched the net once again and it turns out that Microsoft abandoned support for Windows Mobile 10 in January 2019. It means that the nice weather presentation on my Nokia Microsoft phone is gone.

This made me so frustrated that since I am a big AmigaOS user where there is so much love for the platform still. I see that now as always that Microsoft never cared about its users. Windows Mobile platform is actually one of the best things that the company has made. It shows that they tried to show dedication. But they failed. It’s really sad.

Community is something that Microsoft will never understand it seems


Now let us turn to a much better future for this platform! Towards the end of 2020, Microsoft is expected to release a new platform based on the Windows Mobile platform. It is all well developed but at the same time, simple and plain structure appeals to many that they hope will make people come back?

Let us see what new technical capabilities this new Windows Mobile system will have. It needs to have the people coming back to it again. They need to make Windows Mobile to something that people want them.

Also, Microsoft cannot expect to sell in the same quantities as Apple or Google does. A silent revolution is a golden one. If they do it right. This can become the third biggest mobile OS! Microsoft got the funds, but is there a will to do it?

I think that Microsoft should be way more openminded with the Windows community. Make Windows Mobile a seeming experience with Windows 10 desktop platform. Let users experience that joint as something revolutionary. Make people have instant access to their Windows Mobile system thru Wireless connection etc. Make the Windows 10 app intuitive so that it is only for people to drag files to the Windows Mobile device without any questions or issues.

Let’s hope for a better future experience for Windows Mobile users. But without love from Microsoft, this platform is doomed and Microsoft cannot win even though they want. But do they want to? … .. .


Source: Distrita Own Experience