Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser for iOS gets Siri Support

Before people had issues with Microsoft Explorer. Governments and users then started to remove it and in the end Microsoft had to do something. Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser was the answer! And so it’s been a web browser without huge impacts anywhere. But the company doesn’t seem to give up.

Siri shortcuts is Now Microsoft Edge Windows 10 compatible

The new web browser from Microsoft Edge is now also out for iOS. Not just for Windows 10. It means that to get some users at all to use their web browser. Microsoft needs to follow Apple either they like it or not. So, this version of Microsoft Edge will got Siri shortcuts support. This is the AI lady that you are talking to if you have issues or need to ask your iPhone or iPad something.

Version 42.6.1 of Microsoft Edge is now out. Making Siri available in the browser itself. Also you can open the web browser from iOS lock screen using Siri shortcuts. Other important improvements is new quick actions too.

You can also use the browser widget on the Today screen of your iOS device to get access to quick actions and top sites. Also when you close Microsoft Edge and choose to reopen it. You can then choose to continue where you left off or start a fresh start with a new tab. Sometimes you loose the Internet connection and you close all of your apps. Then its really handy to be able to continue where you left. Handy feature indeed.

Performance improvements also added in the newest Microsoft Edge for iOS

Either you have iPhone or iPad. This new version includes performance improvements too to the web browser. The latest version of the app bumps up its version number to 42.6.3 and it is available to download now from the App Store.

It is interesting to see how Microsoft tries to give Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari a challenge. They tried with Internet Explorer. But people didn’t like to be forced to use Internet Explorer. After Microsoft lost the battle, people jumped to Google Chrome and Firefox. Today, Microsoft needs to invent some really handy design tricks to stand out. But maybe it is to late?

We like to see Microsoft try anyway. Because the web browser market needs competition too.



Source: Neowin