Following the success of the film “Paperman” in the latest installment of the Academy Awards, where it won the statuette for Best Animated Short, Disney has just introduced a final project that brings back one of its most beloved characters: Mickey Mouse .

The famous character back to the big screen in “Croissant de triomphe”, an animated adventure through the streets of Paris in the 30s, which has background landscapes as representative of the City of Light, reports Mashable.

Mickey has to take his beloved Minnie order of croissants for hungry customers in their small cafe. On the way, has to go through the heavy traffic and landscapes as Parisian as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Seine and the Moulin Rouge.

Furthermore, in the midst of history appear Cinderella and her prince (story originally written by Charles Perrault), in a palace in the middle of Paris, just when he placed the glass slipper.

The drawing style is a tribute to the classic work of the company. The images combine traditional techniques, water colors, and details worked to computer.

The address was given by Paul Rudish, Emmy winner and head of the drawings remembered Cartoon Network “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Powerpuff Girls”.

This is just the first of a total of 19 shorts featuring Mickey and his friends around the world. The clips will be released through Disney’s official account on YouTube since June 28.