cucumber rice

zagal3If you’re tired of cooking and eating the same thing, Distrita brings some Mexican food recipes, which are easy and simple to make at home, so get to work.

Stuffed Zucchini


10 medium zucchini tender
150 Grams. Cheese
2 Eggs


Cook the zucchini without leaving too soft.
cutting zucchini lengthwise one side without cutting up the other end, remove the seeds, fill with cheese and flour sprinkle.
Eggs beat -to-point nougat, stuffed Zucchini are immediately passed by the egg and put to fry.
Served with sauce and white rice soup.

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Chilies stuffed with Cheese and Corn


4 poblano chilies
250 Grams. Oaxaca Cheese
3 Corn cooked and sliced ​​(or 1 large can of corn kernels)
250 Grams. Cream


The chilies are roasted, they remove the skin, seeds and veins.
Stuff the chilies with the cheese strips and  corn kernels, in a mold baking put their chilies with cream above, they get to bake until cheese gratin.

Mexican Cod


1 kg of cod
1 Kg of Tomato
2 large onions
100 grams. raisins
100 grams. Almond
100 grams. of Olives
1/2 kg of potatoes
1 head of garlic
1 can Bell pepper
3 Eggs
Chilies long to taste.


Soak the cod day before, the day after, change the water and cook the cod, is removed and drained, splits into pieces.
Beat the eggs to weather the cod pieces and fry in oil, then settle into a platter.
Prepare a sauce with tomatoes, onion and garlic, fry until thickened, are added the cooked potatoes, raisins, almonds, olives, peppers and chilies into strips long to taste. Add this sauce to cod and served.