People tell me that they think that were missing Cities Skylines updates. Well! We will try to do them much more often now. In this new item I have found a new mod that will soon be out. It will give the metro part of the game a quite nice lift. Metro Overhaul Mod 2.0 is for sure a mod that will improve the Metro system in the game a lot.

Watch this video showing what you will get in Metro Overhaul Mod 2.0

They have added many new tracks to the game. Its really, really cool. Also you can ride the metros underground which you cant with the standard Metro tunnels. You will also be able to see the underground stations which is beautifully made too. The rails looks awesome, the stations looks nice. This mod got so many new options for the game… Its so good that the makers of Cities Skylines should add this to the game.

Not only tunnels with the new Metro Overhaul Mod 2.0

You can build the Metro outside too. So, with this mod your Metros wont need to be only running underground. With Metro Overhaul Mod 2.0 you can build the rails on bridges, one way tracks and you can build the tracks on the ground. This mod will add so much to Cities Skylines. It will make the game perfect.

Also! You can see in the video,.. is the quality of the rails. The standard Metro lines that you can build in Cities Skylines, got some too blurry rail tracks. But in this pack. They are all perfect. Its really fun to see how much work in details that this mod will give the users of the game.

I am really looking forward for this! Single tracks! Curved stations! Better pillars! Classic tunnels! It’s all here, and more! We’re waiting for the release!!! Looks awesome!

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