In 2010, Moscow in Russia had 11.5 million inhabitants and its increasing ever since. Then its nice to report on how good the Moscow transit actually is. The town got Trams, Metro, Monorail and Trains connecting the city on rails. Especially the metro in Moscow is known because of the art on their stations.

Line 8A Park Pobedy – Ramenki opened

Today, on 16th of March a new metro stretch is now opened for service! This means that people can reach a new part of Moscow with their fantastic metro system. Yes, you can reach Ramenki now!

Line 8A Opened

Line 8A Opened


Line 8A will connect with Line 8 in the Future

Now Line 8A reaches Ramenki, but in the future it will also run thru the city. Line 8A runs on the west side, while Line 8 runs on the east side of Moscow. You can take Line 3 and Line 2 between those two lines. Line 8 runs from Tret’yakovskaya to Novokosino and got 8 stations.

Pixabay (photo)