Today Oslo saw opening of Løren station, which you can read more about here. However, today the last restored section of Line 3 to Mortensrud in Oslo, Norway also opened. So from today you can take the Metro Line 3 in Oslo from Mortensrud to Kolsås. But thats not all! Line 3 will have double capacity between Mortensrud and Stortinget also during the day on weekdays.

So! Many New openings in Oslo, Norway today!

  1. Løren station is now fully opened! Line 4 uses this station.
  2. You can now take the Line 3 all the way to Mortensrud on the eastside of Oslo
  3. Line 3 now got double capacity between Mortensrud and Stortinget during the day on weekdays
  4. Line 3 now goes to Kolsås
  5. Line 6 is no more as Line 5 now uses the circle around Oslo

Here is the map that you should remember from Today
Metro map of Oslo

Prepare to meet the Monday with a little less confusions if you have read and understood the public transportation change in Oslo on Sunday 3rd of April 2015. The ticket prices are the same, no changes. But the most important change that if you travel from Vestli and end up at the line to Sinsen instead of to Carl Berners Plass, then you need to change at Sinsen. This travel will only take 2-3 minutes longer.