Weather update for Oslo

After just few months out, Sailfish OS is getting more and more software which is Sailfish OS native. As a result of this, users doesn’t need to install Android apps.

So, what with this weather app?
MeeCast delivers a high quality weather app for Sailfish OS users. A more sexy weather app, you have to look long for finding. This weather app have many options and supports weather information from lots of sites. The Norwegian site is also in the list, which have weather for many thousands of cities worldwide. Great!

The setup of program is easy and the usage of it is very good. It is a weather app that does everything right. Coders have written that this is a MeeGo app that have been ported to Sailfish OS. It is a great job, which is done by Vlad Vasilyeu and Oksana Kalinkevich.

Oslo weather details.

Now Sailfish OS apps starts to show quality that makes it less and less important to have Android apps installed. Its still some road ahead to go.

Also, I forgot to mention that this app supports Live Multitasking. So it will show up and give you live update on Sailfish OS Live Multitasking screen.

There is simply no negative words to find about this app. Go to Jolla Store and download! Its a neat app to have for sure.

Live Multitasking screen of Sailfish OS

Distrita Total Score: 10/10
+ Nice look
+ Easy to use and set-up
+ Supports many Weather information sources
+ Live Multitasking Support

Where to find this app?: Jolla Store. You need a Sailfish OS supported mobile.