Today a regular TV channel’s popularity is declining rapidly everywhere, but before the tv companies made the tv channels to something special. TV channels had once identity and tried to stand up for what they are meant to be. But today it seems like everyone just wants to copy the other and in the end its the same if you watch on TV4 Sweden, TV2 Norway or even RTL in Germany.

1. TV3 Scandinavia

It started up in 1988. In the very early days of TV3, they started up as a very good alternative to Sky Channel. The channel did the only broadcast for very few hours in the beginning, but increased broadcasting hours little by little and now in 2016, they broadcast 24 hours a day.

What you might not know is that in the very first years, TV3 was going to be the Scandinavian channel for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. This kept going on until the Danish part first separated and in the end also the Norwegian and Swedish ones. Most of Norwegians know Swedish very well because all of the cartoons, in the beginning, were dubbed into Swedish.

TV3 Scandinavia Design!

The very first design of TV3 was excellent! The channel looked really nice and the program schedule and intros to programs were amazingly done for that time. TV3 as with Sky Channel had a great intro music video promoting Scandinavia instead of Europe before and after programs running on the channel

2. Pro 7

It started up in January 1989. At that time the channel started up with only a few hours broadcast only, but the broadcasting hours increased rapidly and since the 1st of October 1990, Pro 7 has been broadcasting content 24 hours a day. Remarkable!

Pro 7 Design!

The design of their logo, program schedules, and the music was just amazingly cool. Later after when Pro 7 started to broadcast 24 hours, the program schedule continued to show up but only for a few seconds before 06.00 in the morning. They had some really nice idents in the beginning.

3. Sky Channel

Founded in 1984. A channel that brought Europe as a continent together through Music, Cartoons, and Entertainment. In 1986 it seemed like Rupert Murdoch came and bought himself into Satellite Television. From then on, Sky Channel improved its broadcasting hours a lot!


But also more series and even a very strong focus on cartoons for children through programs like DJ Kat Show in the weeks and Fun Factory at the weekends. In 1987 the channel broadcasted from 07.00 in the morning until late in the evening with programs for everyone in Europe. Sky Traxx brought lots of music videos to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. But this was only temporary.

On February 5th, 1989, Rupert Murdoch turned Sky Channel into a British focused channel through his Sky Television revolution. Most people thought it would be a revolution, but instead of opening like ASTRA thought he would. He scrambled all of Sky channels from September 1st, 1993.

Sky Channel Design!

The very first Sky Channel had and still got one of history’s best-ever program schedule layout. Just before the channel started up and before closing. You had this cloud animation in the background. And how they did it with the SKY logo in 3D is still a mystery for me until today. It was breathtaking. Yes, I remember to wake up a bit earlier to just watch that intro. TV3 had a similar way of opening and closing also. This was a good recipe and made you feel welcome to the channels. All of this is gone now! Sigh…!


4. Teleclub

If there is a channel that should be mentioned in this article, it is Teleclub. This channel was founded in 1982 in Switzerland. This means that this channel is one of the longest established Pay-TV broadcasters in Europe ever. At the present time, the service is only available in Switzerland, but in the early days, it was available on ASTRA and had one of the world’s greatest made ever idents.

Teleclub is a Pay-TV only channel, but these designers that had the job to promote the channel were incredibly talented. They knew how to impress people at that time and even now. I really miss the style of how channels should present themself. Regular TV channels are not Internet and they should really show that instead of trying to copy streaming productions.

Teleclub Design!

The program schedule music is just epic with TEELECLUB singing at the end is fantastic and it gives you a little extra because this was and still is a Pay-TV channel. Also, the ident was in the premium quality standard. You really felt that this is a premium tv channel.

5. Tele 5

On the 11th of January 1988, this channel started to broadcast in Germany. This was a entertainment channel for everyone. The channel contained films, serials, cartoons, and music video programs.

Tele 5 Design!

Every break between programs had an incredibly nice design. Many Germans loved the first and second designs. This on the video below is the second design that was really great. Each of the program schedules had several different songs, with star beams going from left to right formin the program schedule. This design was really neat and something that I won’t forget.