Many TV channels don’t have permission to broadcast outside of their country due to international rights. But there are many ways to avoid these stupid rules so you can watch foreign TV channels online everywhere you are! We have taken a closer look at how it works! Check out also our VPN article that goes even deeper in how to use VPN for secure browsing here and we also have closer look at TUBI tv here.

Let’s try something very Simple that Works to watch foreign TV channels online

We have earlier tried and it worked, but it was difficult to set up. And not very stable, the server felt slow! And that’s not ideal when you want to transfer high definition videos.

This time we have taken a closer look at it’s competitor.

How to watch foreign TV channels online

Here is what you need to do

  • a) Visit and register and create a free account
  • b) You have to pay 4.95 USD per month for the SmartDNS service there
  • c) All settings can be found at Overplay Setup site and there you can also get free support in English!

Wola! That’s all! And you can watch your favorite TV shows directly from the websites… For example, if you want to use TV4 Play, you can do it now wherever you are located! The same thing for NRK Play, both services are free and very popular among Scandinavian viewers, and now possible to watch while they are on vacation in other countries! Same thing if you want to watch American series from Fox, ABC, NBC or CBS!

OverPlay proudly writes on their website:

“Don’t let cyber crime ruin your life. Encrypt your connection with OverPlay VPN. With blazing high speed bandwidth you’ll leave the crooks out in the cold.”

“All known geo-trackers such as online marketers, search engines and websites, can’t use your true location when your IP address and location is hidden by the Overplay VPN.”

“Did you know your ISP uses Deep Packet Inspection to spy on your Internet traffic and to slow your speed? You’re not a victim with Overplay because it prevents both ISP throttling and inspection.”

Conclusion on how to watch TV channels on-line

So the service is usable also for you that don’t want to watch TV on your computer… It protects you, and maybe an important thing today where traces are added all the time, and people can control all your movements all the time! So maybe the 4,95 USD per month is a good investment for a more secured private life?