The construction of this amazing 26 km light rail line from the capital Port-Louis with only 150,000 (same as in Trondheim, Norway)  is now in service. For now only 12.5 km of the track is done but by 2021 it will all be completed.

This article isn’t about the light rail line that is in service and built but about that when people do search for Mauritius Light Rail in Google Search engine. I get words suggesting saying ‘Mauritius metro opening’. But this new transit option in Mauritius is not a metro at all. Some of the sections might look like it but the fact is that this network is a Light Rail line. The meaning of Metro might be different in French though. But I wanted to make this article so that people know whats the difference between a light rail and a metro transit system.

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Mauritius got Light Rail

All of the stations on this public transportation line on Mauritius got low floor platforms. The light rail trains are also much closer to a tram than a metro. They can go as fast as any Metro system in the world, but the construction is a light rail and not metro.

The main difference between a Metro and a Light Rail system is that a Metro uses bigger trains with much taller platforms. Light Rail systems got lighter tram-trains and the station platforms are much smaller in height. Also, a light rail network can have tram alike sections, which the light rail network in Port Louis is.

So our biggest concern is the fact that the company calls themselves for Mauritius Metro Express. So we think that the confusion comes from the company name. They might use the Metro word for being a transportation method within a city rather than thinking of it as the name of a transit type. Porto, Portugal also got Metro word. Maybe in French, it means something more. Well, in English its a bit questionable.

Anyway! We congratulate Mauritius for getting this system running. We hope to see the effect in 6 months’ time. Until then we will follow the news from this tiny country that sits on the east side of the African continent.

Source: Distrita Own Experience when searching for Mauritius Light Rail, Mauritius Metro Express