Mauritius is known for one of the worlds most beautiful beaches and vacation resorts. But what you might not know is that this is a very small country that was born on 12th of March 1968. Before that day, Mauritius was owned by United Kingdom.

This interesting tiny nation is located some miles east of Madagascar but is is one of the safest nations to visit in Africa.

Other facts is that only 1.2 million people lives on the 3 main islands. Mauritius island is the biggest one with Réunion and Port Mathurin following in size according to Google Maps. You can read a lot more about this very interesting nation here. It is the biggest island that we focus on today, since thats where the new light rail line started it commercial service today. 

Light Rail in Mauritius is Now open for Commercial Service

On 10th of January 2020, the citizens of Mauritius biggest capital could finally use their new 13km long light rail route. With the island of Mauritius, slightly larger than Greater London in size this is pretty neat. By 2021 this line will have 19 stations that is served by 18 low-floor Urbos 100 trams that is provided by CAF. This is the same company that is creating trams for Utrecht in Netherlands, Lund in Sweden and Oslo in Norway.

The construction of this light rail line started in 2017 and from today the first 13km of it can be finally used by public after a long period of testing.

Port Louis is where this light rail is located in the country. This city got about 150 000 inhabitants and all of them just got a new service and so we hope they will get used to this new service. It is fantastic of Mauritius which is a such small country to think right even though the construction years is always a time for debating if its good or bad to have such system.

In Port Louis these CAF made trams will for sure ease the car use but don’t expect that to happen overnight. The politicians of Mauritius must wait for 6 months or more. 

We at Distrita congratulate Mauritius for this new rail system. Your country will breath better and you are for sure a fantastic example on whats possible to do. Iceland in Europe which don’t have a light rail system should really look at what this country have managed to do. Here there are politicians that knows whats the best for their citizens. 

Mauritius Light Rail CAF Line Opened7 Light Rail stations in Mauritius open for Service

From today you can take the tram between Port Louis Victoria station and Rose Hill Central. Thats 7 stations. On this route the light rail crosses the Grand River North West river. This can be seen near the Coromandel station.

The last phase from Rose Hill to Quatre Bornes in 2020 and phase 2B to Curepipe and Port Louis Aapravasi Ghat will open by 2021. Distrita will update you on this service. Once we have more information, you will get it here.

So, now someone should invite us to Mauritius so we can write about it and test it. What an experience that would have been. 

Mauritius Light Rail FAQ

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Source: Metro Express Mauritius