Love to build mass transit in Cities Skylines? I do! And then this trailer from Paradox Interactive puts you in even greater mood. The trailer shows ferries and cable cars, but the info on their website also states that the expansion pack will have monorail!

Along with new transit service buildings, mass transit hubs where lines can exchange passengers, new scenarios, new landmarks, and new road types, urban planners now have more options than ever to add unique style and personality to their growing cities.

Cities Skylines Mass Transit

Cities Skylines Mass Transit is Coming Soon with cable car transit addition and more, says Paradox Interactive







Feature List of their new Mass Transit pack

  • Sick Transit, Glorious Money: Add a wealth of new transit options to your city, and add wealth to your city’s income! Let your citizens get across town in ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails!
  • Orderly Hub, Bub: New mass transit hubs can bring all of your services together, letting citizens change rail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train- metro station.
  • Become a Roads Scholar: Explore a set of new challenge scenarios focused on solving traffic problems and adding new transit systems.  New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges.  Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city!
  • New Hats for Chirper: NEW. HATS. FOR CHIRPER.  (And also new unique buildings, policies and achievements. But HATS!)


It seems that Cities Skylines is still getting lots of development, which is great. What will be interesting is how many mods will stop to work after this release. Backup and save everything folks!