I admit it. I do love to walk in the woods, sit down by a lakem, grill some hot dogs and then have a dessert with grilled marsmellows.

However. Most of the year, it’s winter upnorth here in Scandinavia, Europe. So, if you’re not into skiing, then it will be too little marsmellow eating on you! However, Distrita is now your marsmellow survivor with this marsmellows extravaganza tip. Read on.


Marsmellow Delicious Cake Howto

You might have some chocolate bars left over or you have plans to buy them? Anyway. In this marsmellow cake, all you need is melted chocolate at the bottom.

  • Start to melt it in a pan that can stand heat in a owen on low heat until the chocolate is fluid.
  • Fill the top with marsmellows. Make sure to put enough on top of the chocolate etc.
  • Now heat up your owen to about 235C
  • Put the metallic pan with melted chocolate and marsmellows on top into the owen
  • Wait for 8 to 10 minutes. Watch the process as the marsmellows should change colour. Yellow-brown is the perfect color that the marsmellows should have.
  • Take it out of owen and serve with just normal plain cookies that you dip.

Eat the marsmellow cake as fast as possible. Might be a bit hot at the start, but you just blow :D like when you eat them outside.

If you want to have some more crunch to it, then you can put oreo alike cookies in the bottom together with the chocolate. That is also delicious for sure.

So! Have a fabulous week! Your stomach deserves this delicious marsmellow cake. Treat yourself or someone with a nice cake that takes only 10-20 minutes to make for sure.

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