Marseille is France’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast and largest commercial port. The city also got a transit network consisting of trams, metros and trains.

New tram route

Yesterday, on June 2nd a new tram was launched. It runs from Arenc Le Silo in the western part of the city to Castellane in the southern part of the city. It have connections with M2 Metro line at Joliette station and also at Castellane station. At Castellane station, this new T3 Tram line also connects with M1 Metro line.

At Arenc Le Silo station, T3 Tram line also have connections with national railway. The T3 Tram line also shares the stretch between Arenc Le Silo and Belsunce with T2 Tram line.

Jugglers, acrobats and musicians led the celebrations on Rue de Rome to mark the opening of Marseille’s third tram route on May 30. Local traders were offered 7 000 tickets for distribution to their customers, to highlight how the new tram service can facilitate car-free shopping,

The northern end of Route T3 shares tracks with T2 between Arenc Le Silo and Belsunce Alcazar. It then follows a new 1·2 km alignment along the pedestrianised Rue de Rome, with four intermediate stops serving the shopping area. T3 terminates at Castellane, where there is an interchange with metro line M2.

Development of the new line took 2½ years and cost €57·4m, including the provision of additional reversing facilities at Arenc Le Silo. Six additional Bombardier trams have been acquired.

Final Words

With a population of 850,636, Marseille seems to take transit seriouselly. However, the transit area ain’t so big. Marseille could have given its city way more transit options. It is nice to see that they have opened a new line. Maybe this a start of something bigger later?