EUROVISION: This year, Margaret Berger will be sent from Norway to our neighbor country Sweden! She had the voice, the look and the rythm that made people vote for her. She is known for Norwegian IDOL where she almost made it in 2002. Now she won Eurovision Song Contest final in Norway, which then makes her singing for Norway on 18th of May in Malmø, Sweden.

Watch the winner song here!:

Overal verdict of the show in Norway!:
Other finalists didn’t made it, so their end was Saturday in Oslo Spektrum. I am sure that they will have a bright future, as Distrita must admit that this Eurovision final in Norway must have been one of the best in terms of good music. Norwegian Eurovision finals tends to be bad, but this is quality. Only is that Melodifestivalen in Sweden is more professional done. Overal, Distrita wants to give it one of the best shows in history. Put some more energy to it next year, and this could be even better!