Trampack Mod for Transport Fever 2

The vanilla game of Transport Fever 2 is really brilliant. It is one of the most beautiful transport tycoon games made with some minor flaws that we covered here. The game lets you build transportation connections and now with Marc’s Street and Trampack mod, it will be even more fun.

Various new street types in this Trampack

This mod by Marc on Steam Workshop contains various street types. Here he includes nice green tram tracks for trams and light rail trams in the game. Once you have activated this mod, then these new streets are located in the street menu in the category ‘Tram‘ and are sorted by the following three categories!

– Modern streets without red bus/priority lane. As in the normal game no cars are allowed to drive on priority lanes (bus lanes) and all player vehicles are given priority at traffic lights. The modded streets do not have a red marking.

– Modern streets on which the construction of houses for the AI is forbidden and which also have no red road markings. In addition, the AI is prevented from building here. Please rebuild the road, upgrading doesn’t always work. In my experience upgrading only works when changing the street size.
Info: No pedestrian paths are built on two adjacent streets without AI.

– Old streets on which the construction of houses for the AI is forbidden. Since there are no bus lanes in this old era, the driving of cars on tram tracks cannot be prevented.

You need to wait until the streets become more modern to build bus-only roads. Once you get to the age when you can build them the cars will avoid the roads with bus-lanes activated.

Transport Fever 2 Tramtrack Mod Pack

Trampack Mod Important Info to Know

  • Please only activate the Trampack Mod when the world has already been generated! Not before!
  • Activate the lock in the road traffic overlay so that the AI does not convert the road to another type later in the game when the cities start to grow a lot
  • No AI buildings mean that the city will grow around where you are building
  • You Need a Steam Workshop account to be able to Subscribe to this Mod
  • Download it from Steam Workshop Here

A trampack like this is needed. It makes the towns look so much better. For a light rail enthusiast like me, I love building tram tracks with grass in the cities. It makes it look really nice I think and lifts the total feeling.


Source: Steam Workshop