Seen our news about Mapparium? It is an openmapviewer for nextgen AmigaOS systems! But now also for Classic AmigaOS with a FPU and a RTG card installed also.

“OpenStreetMap viewer for Amiga-Systems. The map can be moved around an zoom. It is possible to set waypoints, or load recorded tracks or waypoints from GPX, TCX, KML or KMZ files. The speed or height curve can be showed and inspected.”

Mapparium 0.4

  • Amiga m68k MD5: b40b3e3d65601ae6da01e264cdd0ad1e
    Needs a Gfx-card and a FPU to work.
  • AROS i386 MD5: e721a776ef899d0f99b13f42dd7c2192
  • MorphOS MD5: d6a4814f21517ac2e387e907e6caf02a
  • AmigaOS4 PowerPC MD5: 15c153edb5c4c40ce16530acf7e822cb


Mapparium 0.4 Website

How to use the Map
To move the map, click and hold the left mouse button inside the map. Zoom can
be changed with mouse wheel (Zoom in = mouse wheel up), +/- buttons or double
click into the map.
To search for a position on the map type in keywords into the search bar on the
top of the window and press “Search” the sidepanel will open automatically.
The side panel can be also open or closed by clicking on the panel opener on the
left side next to the map. In the side panel you can find the search results,
tracks and waypoints. A click onto a track opens the track view, a height or
speed can be shown, choose the contents of the two curves with combo boxes.
Double click to a search result, a track or a waypoint centers the map onto this
A Double click onto the lower panel copies the middle coord to clipboard using
geo syntax.
To jump directly to a position type in the two coordinates separated by space
“Lat Lon“, or via geo: URI: “geo:lat,lon?z=ZoomLevel”
To search for a location of an IP-address type ip:ip-address for example

With AmigaOS 68k support, Mapparium is now becoming “the” map app for all AmigaOS flavours. Now the challenge would be to make an AGA version, but doubt it because of AGA’s speed.


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