ALBs blog have just reported that Mapparium 0.3 is out for all AmigaOS systems. This is an incredible well made OpenStreetMap viewer for all AmigaOS flavours. In this version, the program fixes invisible texts on the AmigaOS 4.x version and makes it possible to use the program even if your internet connection drops.

Here is a complete Mapparium 0.3 update
FIX: Invisible texts on OS4
FIX: Go offline if internet is down
FIX: Start folder for load/save dialogs
FIX: Filter for dialogs
FIX: Version informations
ADD: Load tracks from Garmin TCX files
ADD: Set size of middle marker
ADD: Support for geo: URIs
ADD: DblClick to lower panel copies middle position to clipboard as geo: URI

MorphOS version of Mapparium
MorphOS version of Mapparium
AROS version of Mapparium
AROS version of Mapparium

Challenging Google Maps
With almost no commercial support from the bigger companies like Google or Microsoft. The Amiga flavours stands on their own as a choice just waiting for people to come an try them. With Mapparium, it is really nice to see the Amiga platform going forward a lot in 2016. With apps like this, Amiga users can search in maps that are freely to use. You can search, specify routes or just get to know places that you never knew existed on our planet.

OpenStreetMap is for sure a real challenger to Google Maps. The maps might look a bit different, but they look so much more alive and I must say that I understand more of what is a Highway and what is a small road etc. Also all of the descriptions and colors makes OpenStreetMap a real challenger to Google Maps. Only thing is that the GUI of Google Maps is something that OpenStreetMap should try to beat… And it shouldnt be too hard doing so?

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With Mapparium getting these frequent releases and seeing how stable the program actually is at this early stage of it. Makes me think that Mapparium can set a standard on AmigaOS flavours. Why do the mainstream things always? The open source community does amazing things! And OpenStreetMap is no exception for sure.

Differences between AmigaOS flavours
– AmigaOS 68k runs on classic Amiga and Draco Amiga clones
– AmigaOS 4 runs on Amiga PPC motherboards, Pegasos PPC motherboards and on classic Amiga with PowerPC CPU card
– MorphOS runs on Amiga PPC motherboards, Pegasos PPC motherboards, Efika PPC motherboard and on Mac G4 PowerPC machines with ATI Radeon graphic cards
– AROS runs on x86, ARM and on PowerPC

AmigaOS 68k, AmigaOS 4.x and MorphOS is commercial operating systems. AROS is open source.