The Openstreetmapviewer called Mapparium have now reached version 0.2! Now Mapparium got support for AmigaOS 68k and AmigaOS4 also. A very nice move from the authors as Mapparium and it seems like this app is now becoming “the” official Openstreetmap viewer for all kinds of AmigaOS flavours. With this app, you dont need a web browser to actually browse a map in AmigaOS! And that is a relief for AmigaOS 68k owners especially!

One thing that you should notice, is that the AmigaOS 68k version however only runs on a classic Amiga with a graphic card installed and some mem. You will also need a decent ethernet card to get some decent speeds.

Other Highlights in v0.2
ADD: Show Height/Speed map of recorded tracks
ADD: Marked position in curve mark also on the map
ADD: Support for KML/KMZ Loading
FIX: Optimized image keeping

This Openstreetmapviewer for all AmigaOS flavours made by Marcus Sackrow is a very good example of that the AmigaOS scene got some serious geniouses in the community. Mapparium is such app that can actually lift AmigaOS reputation for many who only thinks that AmigaOS is out of date. This app shows how incredibly fast AmigaOS is and how nice it runs on a system that so many have forgotten. Welcome back!?

Download Here!
Mapparium Website

Mapparium Website

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