Benefits of Eating Mangoes:
Fighting Cancer: Phenols in mangoes, such as quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and enzymes have abundant cancer prevention capabilities. Mangoes are also rich in soluble dietary fiber known as pectin. Scientists have identified a close relationship between consuming large amounts of fiber and lower risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. A cup of mango slices (about 165 grams) contains 76 percent of the required daily value of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells against free radical damage and reduces the risk of cancer.

Eye Care: A cup of sliced ​​mango has 25 percent of the daily value of vitamin A needed, which promotes good vision. Eating mangoes regularly prevents night blindness, refractive errors, dry eye, softening of the cornea, itching and burning eyes.

Digestive: Mangoes contain digestive enzymes that help break down proteins, aiding digestion. It is also useful against acidity due to an enzyme present in it, which soothes the stomach. Because of the large amount of fiber in the handle, it can be helpful in preventing constipation.

8 servings
—– Ingredients light version:
1 large mature mango peeled boneless and cut into pieces
10 grams sweetener powder
500 grams natural skim yogurt – the juice of a lime (or a lemon in its absence)
6-8 Fresh Peppermint Sprigs, Leaves Only
6 mint buds to decorate
—– Ingredients normal version:
1 large mature mango peeled boneless and cut into pieces
75 gr. sugar glass
300 gr natural yogurt
200 g. cream
The juice of a file (or, in its absence, a lemon)
6-8 twigs fresh mint leaves only
6 mint buds to decorate


15 minutes
Preparation: Cut the mango into pieces and grind completely in your blender until it is puree.
Add sweetener (for normal version sugar glass), yogurt (for normal version also cream), lime juice and peppermint. Beat everything very well, until all the ingredients are integrated.
Pour the cream obtained in a bowl or tupper and into the freezer for 2 hours.
Once the cream is starting to freeze take it out of the freezer and stir with energy. Repeat the process one or two times to finally leave it in the freezer until the moment of consuming it. In this way we will get a creamy ice cream without glasses.
You can take it out of the freezer a few minutes before to make it easier to serve it with a bag. Served garnished with some mint sprouts.

Preparation THERMOMIX:
Put the mango into the glass in pieces and grind 30 seconds at a steady speed 5-10
With the spatula, lower the mango pulp to the bottom of the glass and add the sweetener (for normal version the sugar glass) yogurt (for normal version also the cream) lime juice and peppermint. Program one minute at progressive speed 5-10.
Pour the cream into a low-fat pan, which is extended and frozen once it is easier to cut into pieces, and insert it in the freezer until it completely freezes (about 5 hours)
Once the cream is frozen cut it into small pieces all the same size more or less and put them in the glass. Grind for 2 minutes at a steady speed 5-10. Insert the spatula through the opening to help remove if necessary. In this way we will get a creamy ice cream without glasses.
You can serve immediately or put the ice cream in a bowl and leave it for a while in the freezer before serving it with a sacabola. Served garnished with some mint sprouts.