Makeup trends for spring and summer 2013

imagesElectric colors on the lips or eyes is one of the trends in makeup this spring-summer 2013, which also gain prominence nails, you never cease to amaze with very creative colors and styles.

For facial skin, preferably wear it without foundation, well prepared, and only with moisturizing concealer (the same color as the skin, never clear, except in summer), cheeks with a soft pink, peach or coral, are the keys to fashion and makeup superfeminine.

maquillajevibrante2013In their eyes, the shadows gold or silver finishes in shades of pink shade, lilac, help soften the effect of the new neon “hit” of the season that are outlined in blue, green, orange used to give a touch of color to the upper lash line.

Lips take center stage: leaving aside some neutral tones seen in other seasons, this time gives rise to a variety of vibrant shades ranging from almost fluorescent orange, magenta, pink to coral.

imagesCAHPFA13As with clothes, this season welcomes us with vibrant colors in makeup: lips and striking eyes that will not go unnoticed


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