Not many Earthquake happens in Australia. However, a bomb alike feeling managed to hit the South Western Region of Australia.

earthquake observations in AustraliaEarthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 in Australia

With very few earthquakes that happens in Australia. This bomb shake came as a surprise for many. This was magnitude-5.6 earthquake. It was some kilometers south of Perth. The only bigger city in the region.

Biggest hit of the Earthquake was felt by the West Australian town of Walpole, about 430 km south-west of Perth, with tremors felt as far away as Perth and Albany.

No Tsunami warning for Walpole region

Even with a magnitude at 5.2, Tsunami can happen. But it didn’t the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia reported in their Twitter message.

“It really felt like a bomb went off under your feet. It just kept on echoing through the ground for nearly 40 seconds, maybe up to a minute,”

“Everyone is safe and well but just a few of the old homesteads around here suffered a bit of damage with a few cracks in the wall, but nothing severe,”

“The ceiling fans and the light fittings were all swaying. It only lasted for a second or so but enough where you felt ‘what’s going on here?’.”

“It sounded very heavy-duty, I also thought it could have been a truck coming past on the highway,” she said.

So, it seems like this Earthquake didn’t manage to create too much damage for people in Australia. These earthquakes are like those ones that hits Scandinavia from time to time.

There was a earthquake in 1968. That one was at a magnitude of 6.9 ! That was the last major earthquake in the region since this one. So, Earthquakes in this part of Australia is rare.

Over 400 people reported about the earthquake. Quite an event on a Sunday. Which happened during daytime. Local Time was: 12.56.23

Interesting Earthquake stats from the event in Australia today

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