Kickstarter project: Imagine your smartphone floating on your desk. The Magic Phone Stand makes this idea a reality.

The Magic Phone Stand is a working phone charger as well as an intriguing work of art. It is a conversation piece, and allows you to add mystery and wonder to any desk space. Functional and practical, sleek and magical, the Magic Phone Stand will surely become a prized possession of yours.


This visually appealing device is a perfect illusion, as your phone is impossibly suspended in midair, supported only by its charger. The illusion adds an element of wonder that pictures cannot do justice. To help me bring this marvelous device to each one of your homes, I have teamed up with Martinka. Martinka is the oldest magic shop in America, a company known for magical invention since the 1800s.

Your pledge will enable us to move this product from prototype into production. With your pledge you will receive an amazing illusion for your desk and help to keep the art of magic alive. Thank you all for your support.

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