Madrid River and Beach project will lift the city up to new heights

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One of the world’s most fantastic cities, Madrid, will create an enormous green belt alongside Madrid River, including an urban beach area! This is a spectacular project that will give the citizens and tourists a brand new experience! The city will feel even more friendly. Have a look at this YouTube video for more information. You will be amazed!

Who said that Madrid lacks a beach place?

A lot of people say that Madrid doesn´t have a beach, but a big part of the Madrileños say that´s not true. Madrid does have a beach, it only is 350km away and it´s called Valencia.

The other option is the artificial beach in Parla, just outside the city center. (La Playa Artificial de Parla)
The Madrid Río has also got a part called Madrid Playa, but that´s just to walk around, not to swim, Madrid Río is a huge park (1210881 m²) that was finished just a year ago next to the Río Manzanares. For tree lovers: 33.623 trees were planted!

Here is a video telling you more about the new Madrid River project


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