One of the world’s most fantastic cities, Madrid, will create an enormous green belt alongside Madrid River, including an urban beach area! This is a spectacular project that will give the citizens and tourists a brand new experience! The city will feel even more friendly. Have a look at this YouTube video for more information. You will be amazed!

Who said that Madrid lacks a beach place?

A lot of people say that Madrid doesn´t have a beach, but a big part of the Madrileños say that´s not true. Madrid does have a beach, it only is 350km away and it´s called Valencia.

The other option is the artificial beach in Parla, just outside the city center. (La Playa Artificial de Parla)
The Madrid Río has also got a part called Madrid Playa, but that´s just to walk around, not to swim, Madrid Río is a huge park (1210881 m²) that was finished just a year ago next to the Río Manzanares. For tree lovers: 33.623 trees were planted!

Here is a video telling you more about the new Madrid River project


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Update – Although the plans for Madrid River changed, the hope for a beautiful beach in the city centre is not lost.

Madrid creates urban beach in the heart of the city

Although broadly welcomed by Madrid residents, the plans have already prompted some criticism, with PSOE Councillor Mar Espinar voicing her opposition to the idea of the public space being given over to a commercial enterprise.

In response, Carmena cited the popular and successful artificial beaches in other major European cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam, and referred to the temporary ice rinks that Madrid has hosted for years, remarking that collaboration between the public and private sectors would be a positive.

MadBeach is expected to be open to the public on July 1st and will run until August 31st. The beach zone will be open from 10am-10pm, costing €9 for a full day and €5 for a half day. There are also plans for a similar city beach in Seville.