Do you really think that you own the movies that you buy on Apple iTunes? No you don’t. Apple can remove the movies from your hard drive Without giving a refund at all. It seems that Apple thinks that people are dumb!? But most people simply know that when you Buy a movie. It is yours!

Apple iTunes customers are Unhappy

iTunes customers are not satisfied after Apple began to remove movies purchased from the iTunes library without any notification popping up even. John Archer in Forbes is among those who have experienced content disappearing. So, he wrote a note about it which you can find here.

Apple simply Removes content from player library as mentioned in the article that he named “Apple deletes movies from iTunes accounts – and do not expect a refund”. Archer writes that Apple does a great job of rejecting those who say physical media is dead and streaming is the future. But in this case, Apple is doing the exact opposite thing. If you buy a movie, the product stays with you. When Apple removes movies that you have bought without any information. It is like stealing!

About iTunes: “iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on January 9, 2001.”

Purchases done on Apple iTunes disappear from the Library

More and more customers have recently found that iTunes movies purchased and paid disappear from the library. According to Archer, Apple tells that the affected customers that iTunes is only a store and the company does not blame if a movie studio chooses to remove content from iTunes. However, these movies is bought by people to be kept. And Apple and the Movie studios wonders Why piracy is so popular?

How To use Apple iTunes Store: You need to open your Apple iTunes app in Windows or MacOS to be able to use iTunes Store. From here you can purchase Movies, which this article is all about!

Don’t expect to get Anything refunded if the Movie you bought from Apple iTunes disappears

Forbes article writer says that customers can not expect to be refunded for the content that disappears. They refer to a Canadian customer who was offered one free rental movie when three of the films he had purchased were removed. The Canadian complained about the offer, but received a response from Apple that he did not meet the requirements to receive a refund. Later, the man was offered two free rental films.

However, Archer writes that he knows that customers have been refunded money for the content that was removed. But even if they have. When you buy something. Then that thing is yours. If Apple can remove something that you own. They should always pay back! Or simply stop buying Movies from Apple iTunes app. Simple!


Supporting someone that can take away something from you without asking is in a very odd gray area and this is why physical media will not vanish. To buy movies is simply like buying air. You might have it, but when Apple looses the rights to sell it. They simply removes the movie from you. They can do whatever they want, which is scary. Microsoft also allows apps to be deleted without you knowing about it. It seems like the American companies really likes to test peoples knowledge and privacy limits. Because, once people are fed up with companies taking what they think that they own. Then these companies will need to change.

To just delete stuff that people have bought is bad! Apple tricks people and thinks people are dumb falling into their marketing trick. Its really sad that Apple does this to their customers.

Fix this Apple! Just fix it! Or your reputation will plumb!



Source: Forbes