Finally, the people of the Romanian capital can use metro line M5. It can be reached at Eroilor station which is served by metro line M1 and metro line M2. Reach new places on Bucuresti with metro line M5 now!

Minister of Transport Lucian Bode finally announced at the beginning of the government meeting on Monday the 14th of September that the metro line M5 in Bucuresti between Drumul Taberei and Eroilor will start operating for passengers from Tuesday, 15 September.

Lack of funds delayed metro line M5 in Bucuresti

Work on this metro line M5 started 8 years ago. It was stopped in 2013 due to a lack of funds. But then the EU helped to finance it. So the EU solution saved it. The metro line M5 in Bucuresti was finally financed exclusively from non-repayable EU funds (85%) and 15% from the national budget. The value of the project is almost RON 3.224 billion.

Metrorex announced last Sunday that there are few ongoing procedures before the opening of the metro line M5, including the configuration of such facilities as safety circulation and passenger information, tolling, closed-loop TV, and communications. Transport Ministry had previously announced that the reports giving the green light for passenger traffic on the metro line M5 had been signed.

M5 Line in Bucuresti Romania Opened 1

Construction of the first section of the metro line M5 from the southwest (district Drumul Taberei) from Raul Doamnei to Eroilor (6.2 km) started back in 2011. Later a 1km branch to Valea Ialomitei was added to the project. This includes 4.85 km of bored twin tunnels, each with a diameter of 5.7m. The distances between the stations are significantly shorter than on older lines. The line was finally opened on the 15th of September 2020 and will later be extended to Pantelimon via Universitate and Piata Iancului.

Public transportation in Bucuresti is expanding and thats great for the environment there.

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