In our expedition of finding Kickstarters to help, this one was sent to us. It just seems to have enough features to make other smartwatch makers scary. LunaR Smartwatch offers 3 months battery life and can be sun charged!

Battery Life on a watch!? Who found that up?

Just like on mobile phones, battery life is always always a concern when it comes to smart clocks. We depend on the battery and stresses fully when we need to charge. For mobile phones it is more okay time to steal peoples time it takes to charge etc, but for clocks it shouldn’t be a thing even. Time is precious and when you have lot’s of meetings. Then to have a clock that works all the time is very important. A watch should always work! Batteries for clocks should’ve never have been invented. I remember back in the days when I used watch that I had to manually charge it. It was the best clock that I had! But now with smart watches availability. Me and you wants to have more features on our arm,.. but still my reason to not get a smart watch is because of the battery life. But this seems to change for me now because of LunaR!

LunaR Smartwatch

A new Kickstarter watch with solar energy is Needed

The clock is called LunaR and will be the first smart clock in the world to get the energy from the sun and at the same time have 3 months battery life, according to the developers themselves on their Kickstarter page.

LunaR uses a transparent solar panel placed under the glass covering the dial. This solar panel should provide enough power to ensure that you do not have to charge the clock normally if you expose it for at least one hour of sunlight per day.

Three month battery life for people with LunaR Smartwatch

In addition to the solar power possibilities, the battery will last for full three months when fully charged, depending on how many notifications you receive, despite the battery size of 110 mAh. This is because the clock has some limited functionality as it doesn’t have a touch sensitive screen.

Nevertheless, it is a smart watch that is connected with your Android or iOS smartphone mobile device, which means that it is connected thru a separate app that can provide you with notifications and tracking sleep and activities. Notifications and feedback related to activities are indicated by LED lamps located along the edge of the dial and vibration parts of the smartwatch.

LunaR Smartwatch

photosource: Kickstarter – LunaR can show you 2 time zones at the same time. Your local time displayed through LED and the other times displayed on hands. Interesting concept for sure!

Interesting design choice for a smartwatch that provides totally new Power usage experience

LunaR has a round design that is not that much different from an ordinary watch, and it is also waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. A special feature developed by the developers is that the smartwatch can display two time zones at the same time; one via the physical visors and one using the LED lights.

The LunaR clock has received $126,294. They targeted the product support at $50,000, and is therefore more than fully funded with only 20 days to go. The final price will be $239, but at Kickstarter you can secure a copy by promising $ 138.

Including a very comfortable design, these people tries to compete directly with Fitbit and other fit apps alternatives. It will be interesting to see how it all goes with this product. We at Distrita wishes the people behind it all the best and hope it will become a success! Read more about the product at their Kickstarter page, and also see video below.


Kickstarter page for LunaR