In the beginning, Paradox launched Cities Skylines without trams. Then they finally came with the Mass Transit update, but with no real tram avenue possibility. Almost every city in the world where the trams runs in the streets. They have street avenues where the trams runs in the middle. So! It was really nice to see that Streetlamp user on Steam Workshop, managed to release some very beautiful street avenues with trams.

Cities Skylines
photosource: Distrita – Nice new streets with tram station and even small tram roads included

Not only Tram avenues, but also Tram stops is included

But that’s not all! He even managed to build quite nice Tram stops too. You can in fact choose to have platforms on both sides in the middle of the street or only on one side. Fantastic!

You can either download the 4-Lane Road with Tram Platforms package alone or you can browse to Streetlamp’s page on Steam Workshop where you can see more of his avenue streets with trams tracks in them. Distrita have also tested this MOD and it works perfectly. Why didn’t Paradox add such tram avenues with the Mass Transit update? This should be standard! Great job for sure!

Including Streetlamp user, there is also a user calling himself BadPeanut. He have even created smaller streets with tram tracks in the middle. These tracks are green and so the cars can’t drive on the green field. However, he have also made Bus Lane in the middle variants too. Adding this to your city, transforms your city a lot for sure to become todays age streets with public transportation running on them. Distrita have tried to mix these streets without issues with the latest update of Cities Skylines.

Get Streetlamps Amazing Tram Avenues for Cities Skylines Here

See all of BadPeanut Set of Tram Networks for Cities Skylines Here


Cities SkylinesSix-Lane roads with Trams on them is another great Tram MOD update

It is nice with avenue street tram tracks! But, how about American type of six-lane roads? Ifriqiya user on Steam Workshop have made quite nice addons to the six-lane roads for the game, where this person have added tram tracks. It looks really nice. Also he have made red bus lanes where the trams tracks are too. Quite nice I think!

So, now you can add  two quite nice MODs. Distrita have tested both of them and they work nicely. They simply adds that little extra to your cities in Cities Skylines game, which is great. The developers of this game never thought it would become this popular,  but amazing MOD adders like these people adding such parts to the game keeps the game alive for way longer.


Get ifriqiya Six-Lane roads with Tram tracks for Cities Skylines Here

All of these street addons with trams and bus lanes, also have variations with trees and without trees. Use the streets that fits your city best. Creation is really the only limit in Cities Skylines.. And do share them on Facebook. Trams for life!

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