I never knew that to have a stream with focus on trains as our background thing would be something. But it is! There is a railway organization in USA that have many streams across the country, with this being no exception.

Many loves the stream from Ashland in USA

In this stream, you can chat and discuss with other people that likes trains. Here people just waits for a CSX or Amtrak train to arrive. Some are longer, while other are very long. At the most, some told me that there was a cargo train with more than 135 wagons. That’s pretty crazy!

At the moment its around 240 that is watching the very same stream. Also! If you goto the YouTube channel itself then you can switch between two cameras.

Live Stream on YouTube from Ashland in Virginia

Some rules regarding the stream is Described on their streaming page

To get some order and make the chat fair. Virtual Railfan have set some rules. Some is quite ok, but on the other hand there might be some mods that can be a bit too serious.

Here is the rules that is made by Virtual Railfan

Recording, duplication, or distribution of our videos is strictly prohibited without permission.

These locations will change every month. Locations are either picked at random or selected for a specific event or reason.

Before we get started, the guy standing in the road M-F in the morning and afternoon is the crossing guard. He flags buses over the tracks to keep traffic moving. He does a great job. Want to buy him a coffee? Let us know!

Ashland, VA is located on the CSX RF&P subdivision. Ashland gets over 20 Amtrak Trains stopping daily along with 20-25+ CSX freight trains. See the Toy Store on the south cam? It’s awesome. Go visit. http://www.trainandtoystore.com

AMTRAK TRACKER: http://www.asm.transitdocs.com/

SCANNER FEED: http://www.railroadradio.net/content/…

Virtual Railfan currently has 15 cams from coast to coast. Visit the website for memberships, more free cams, and our own live chat room. Thanks for stopping by, the cam will change each month.


Website: http://virtualrailfan.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virtualrailfan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/virtual_railfan

Our Chat area is a family friendly chat that is open to all to enjoy. Since this is a family friendly area we ask that you follow some simple rules. We’re not going to hand out infractions, or warnings or anything like that. This is a zero tolerance policy and you will be banned from the chat as well as the ability to view the cams.


– Inappropriate user names will be banned right away.

– Please use English in the chat room.

– Please do not suggest cam locations UNLESS you already know the business or property owner and they are interested in hosting a cam.

-This is the Virtual Railfan network, please don’t announce trains that aren’t on this cam.

– Do not post excessive letters, numbers, emoji, etc.

– Do not ask to become a moderator, we will contact you if we are
interested. There has been an overwhelming response to this.

– Do not ask when is the next train coming, we don’t know. If you would like to see the last train there is a rewind feature up to 4 hours.

– No games, drama, arguments, and overall annoyances.

– No foul language.

– Do not ask other members to subscribe to your channel.

– Please do not ask other members the same thing over and over.

– Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is very annoying.

– Do not spam ads, offers, links, or other material that is not
relevant to the chat or the current topic being discussed.

– No name calling.

– Be respectful to other members.

– False reports and heads up info is not tolerated, check your info
before posting. (Zero Tolerance)

– Do not bother other members.

– Do not flood the chat with several messages, please stay on

– Please avoid posting large links in the chat room.