In early 1990’s. Both Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000 came out. They delivered better graphics than the other Amigas, but also delivered more power and expansion possibilities.

In 2014, TBL (The Black Lotus) released a fantastic Amiga demo at Revision demoparty in Germany. It was a huge hit at the demoparty, but also on the net by many people.

This demo shows you what an Amiga with 68060 can do with 3D cube, 3D landscape and 3D figures. The music is outstanding, especially when this is Paula 8-bit sound.

As years goes by, the Amiga demosceners shocks people with their demos that shows things that normal people can’t understand how it is done.

Here you can see this demoscene production:

About TBL

TBL is standing for The Black Lotus. They are a demoscene group from Sweden that have been producing Amiga, PC and even PSP demos for a very long time. Their absolute biggest production is TBL Tint, which won at The Gathering 1996 in Hamar, Norway.

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