If we think of one version of a specific version of any operating system, then AmigaOS 3.1 is the longest commercial available operating system in the world. Commodore released it for CD32 in 1993 and for the other Amiga systems in 1994.

Today Cloanto is the seller of AmigaOS 3.1 and they still deliver this operating system with the old retro diskettes. But you can also get it on a Compact Flash memory card, which is more handy these days.

If you didn’t know. Cloanto holds onto AmigaOS 3.1 license for many years now. They are known for making the Amiga Forever emulator package. So installing AmigaOS 3.1 adf files from the net is inface illegal, but because the Amiga marked is so small there is no one willing to do so much about it.

The AmigaOS 3.x series added support for new Amiga models. Other new features included:

  • A universal data system, known as DataTypes, that allowed programs to load pictures, sound, text and other content in formats they didn’t understand directly, through the use of standard plugs (see object-oriented operating system)
  • Better color remapping for high-color display modes and support for new AGA chipset
  • Improved visual appearance for Workbench desktop
  • CD-ROM support as required for Amiga CD32 (3.1)

3.x shipped with the CD32, A1200, A4000 and A4000T.

So, what can AmigaOS 3.1 give you in 2015 that Windows or OSX cant? This is a tricky question and is not easy swallowed by many. But AmigaOS 3.1 got the speed! And if you add a graphic card to it. AmigaOS 3.1 might just be the OS you need. It is a lightning fast OS with multitasking that Windows and OSX still struggles with. There is a reason why AmigaOS 3.1 is still on the market. People looses their diskettes and also still loves using AmigaOS for art, music and playing games. And with Cloanto’s Amiga Forever you can use it all in a legal way.

Where to get AmigaOS 3.1?

You can get it either from, or from The price is at around 19,- Euros