Today it is the longest day in all of the countries that sits north of the equator line that divides the world. In this part of the world, it is today the longest day while in the southern part of the world it is the shortest day. However, you won’t notice this unless you live near the north or south polar poles of the world.

Longest day

Sunrise in Oslo at 04 in the morning. It’s pretty warm these days also. What a nice summer it is this year

Longest day, means that days will be shorter from now on upnorth

In the northern parts of Europe, USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia and even Japan (Hokkaido). Today is the longest day with white nights or even the midnight sun shining up an epic day. From now on until 21st of December, the days will once again become shorter and shorter. However, the nights up north and  here in Oslo, Norway where Distrita got it’s own office wont be back before end of August and then it will still be long days until end of September.

In the southern parts of New Zealand, America and maybe also even South Africa its the total opposite. The long nights there is now at its shortest and will from today become longer. The world is on the move everywhere you are all the time.

Longest day

The early sunrise hitting the Barcode skyscrapers in Oslo. A very beautiful morning for sure!

Thick curtains or Eye patch during the Night for newcomers

If you come from Europe or countries nearer the equator to the Nordic countries. Make sure you stay at a hotel with thick curtains if you’re not used to white nights. Because, outside there will be no nights until middle of July. Either that or if you will stay outside in a tent, then it is wise to take eye patches with you. Yes, even in Oslo you have white nights. The sun goes down around 23.20 and then up again around 03.30. In the meantime you will have lot’s of sunshine still that makes the night white. It’s at its darkest around 01-02, but that’s only for a short period and it never gets completely dark.

We at Distrita have started to make a quite extensive guide for tourists coming to Oslo and our first place which we have covered is Holmenkollen. So, do check out our Holmenkollen guide. Here we give you attractions, restaurants and hotels which you can use when visiting the area. We also give you travel tips and show you beautiful pictures of the nature and buildings around Norway’s most famous ski jump.

Longest day

Early morning from the Opera house in Oslo. Nice blue sky means that this will become a really nice and warm day

If you come to the northern part of the world that sits next to the north polar pole, then today it is the longest day. Now you know!

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