Most of the world lives in countries with cold and wet winters. Sometimes it seems as if the winter never ends. But, there are some nice folks at Lanzarote that Streams from it. Distrita do have some written articles about Tenerife, but we lack it from Lanzarote. Soon, it will be our destination too! Lanzarote is an island that belongs to Spain as with Tenerife. You can locate it some miles west for Sahara, Africa in the Atlantic ocean.  So sit back and relax, because on this island the summer never ends. Here at Lanzarote island, the palm trees creates the ultimate relaxing experience and the aircrafts coming and leaving is interesting too.

Get the LIVE Lanzarote International Airport Stream

So, if you are tired of winter or colder temps. This stream warms up your day. With this stream you can just close your eyes and dream about Lanzarote and the warm weather that is transfered to you thru the stream. Thanks to the brilliant people at site for this stream. It is needed for people wanting to goto Lanzarote and for people just wanting to experience palm trees, flights, ocean and the heat! Well, imagine it thru the ambient sounds.

Fantastic Stream! And if you want to have another look at Lanzarote, the same site also stream from the harbor on Lanzarote. You can check out their website here. Great service!

Enjoy and Watch Lanzarote in Beautifully Live HD Experience Now

These are the first 2 HD webcams that show live views from Lanzarote. We expect to install more cams around the beautiful landscapes of the island. In this first phase, you can see, on the left, our Lanzarote Intl. Airport. On the right hand side, we can see the Cruise Ships Dock at Marina Lanzarote. It´s a relaxing view of the sea and the ships docking.
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Interesting site and interesting video showcases from various places is really good for everyone that either love certain places or just want to see how other places on earth looks like. Their service is great and do chat, have fun and be respectful towards others in the chatroom.


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