What is hiding under the surface of Mars? Is this planet as dead and hostile as humans wants it to be or does it posses some kind of internal life force that we can’t see? The most recent pictures from NASA website shows clearly that salty water does flow from time to time. But most of the media in the world writes about how cold this planet is, but around its equator Mars have temps up to +20C which is quite interesting. Maybe NASA should have landed at the place where its hottest?

Mars surface

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars on their website, which makes my mind even think. Maybe Mars have dried up during within the last 100 to 1000 years? There was rumours for a long time that Mars actually had sea and plates. But this discoveries was made before humans had electricity. I remember reading lots of books back in the days with really old photos of Mars. It just seemed like the very first black and white pictures of Mars showed continents like on earth. So something must have happened to Mars during a very short period?

What happened to Mars?

Did its core go mad? Did Olympus Mons explode (biggest vulcano in our universe)? Or did we do something to the planet? Is there missions not told to public? Or is there info that is hidden? Mars is a very interesting planet indeed and if it does have some sort of life on it,.. it must have adapted to the air and to the extreme salty water. Distrita is for sure looking onto this much more soon. It seems like I have even more questions now than before.

One thing for sure. Mars is interesting and will be for ages and generations to come!

Evidence of Liquid Salty Water on Mars