Lion almost loses head to crocodile

Check out this amazing video and see how close a lion is to lose his head and life! Afortunately he was lucky this time, but you should never try this yourself! Crocodiles are dangerous, so be careful!

Today is lion theme at Distrita. That means we have collected some cool lion movies for you. Have a look and say what you think!

Here is another amazing clip, where the lion is showing no fear for the crocodile at all!

But sometimes the situation is different. This clip shows that the swimming lions have a fight against the watch to survive from the crocodile trying to attack them.

Wouldn’t it be risky to be close to a lion? And even touch it? And even sleep with it? Not for this man! Have a look and see how handsome he is with the lion and vice versa!

And this news clip from Sky News shows that there is no limit how close a lion and human can go.

African Lion

African Lion

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