Linux Kernel 4.0 is now out for Sam440ep, Sam460ex and AmigaOne X1000 PowerPC motherboards. These are motherboards from Acube and A-EON and on these you can also run AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.

So, what does Linux Kernel 4.0 have?

  • Improvements to Intel ‘Skylake’ platform
  • Intel Quark SoC support
  • PowerPC support
  • Various patches to improve Linux running on a  Playstation 3, Sam440ep, Sam 460ex and AmigaOne X1000 PowerPC motherboards
  • TOpen-source AMD Radeon driver supports DisplayPort Audio
  • Various misc HID driver tweaks, including Lenovo compact keyboards, Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
  • Toshiba power settings driver adds USB sleep/charge functionality, rapid charge, sleep w/ music, etc
  • File System tweaks, including F2FS, BtrfFS, etc


The ability to install/apply security patches to the Linux kernel “live”, without the need to reboot, has been a long-held want of many Linux enthusiasts for years which Kernel 4.0 have added.

Third-party projects, like Oracle’s KSplice and Red Hat’s Kpatch, have sought to offer live patching functionality for certain distributions.

For servers, enterprise and mission-critical use cases where uptime is priority live kernel patching is a pretty big deal.

Other great news is that Linux 4.0 makes having to reboot to complete a kernel update a thing of the past.

Download Pages

AmigaOne X1000
Sam440ep (Flex), Sam460ex (Lite)