The debate between Light Rail and Bus people have always seemed to be endless. But did you know that the final word in this debate is now in a huge favour for all Light Rail and tram fans? This should be the final stop for busway people.

Light Rail versus Bus debate just had a Final Stop

Light Rail helps Cities in the world to breath

Green is not only good for the eyes. It also has a lot of other positive effects, according to this article from the German professional magazine Galabau for garden and landscape architecture.

Green areas in the cities of the world can absorb a part of the rainfall, so it prevents damage of the sewage systems during heavy rain, while the subsequent evaporation may have a cooling effect on hot days. And then green areas generally absorb less heat.

Green gras in the city reduces the noise

In addition, green areas also act as noise suppressors and can help bind fine dust and particles that otherwise fly around in the air. Fortunately, more and more light rail and tram networks across the globe are being landed or redirected to green routes that help with a better environment in the cityscape.

Light Rail versus Bus debate just had a Final Stop

Augsburg with green gras avenue makes the city breath better.

In the meantime. All types of road construction has the opposite effect. Therefore building tram tracks in cities does benefit you and me much more than building busways as they try to do in Stavanger, Norway and in Karlstad, Sweden just to name a few.

Building avenues or streets with green gras is very effective. Just look at our article about the light rail tram in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Here we show you examples on to construct a tramway track layouts in the city centres across the globe.

People across the globe should understand what sort of benefit gras and green colours does for the mind and health. It does wonders.



Source:, Galabau