Sometimes public transport news is different than others. Like this one as Canada is not known for having Light Rail lines that connect various cities in one region but that changes in Waterloo Region.

Finally a Light Rail system that connects Cities in Canada

Light Rail connecting Cities in Waterloo Region

This area of Canada got about 500.000 people which means its an area of the country which is more densely populated. Waterloo Region is a combined municipality that includes the cities of Kitchener, Cambridge, and Waterloo. The area is located some 95 km west of Toronto, and it is therefore nice to see that this region gets a nice light rail line alternative.

Light rail in Waterloo Region has been under construction since summer 2014. It opened on the 21st of June 2019 which is today. We at Distrita wants to congratulate all the citizens in the area. You have chosen the correct path.

Free rides until 1st of July 2019

Service across GRT’s (public transport company in the area) entire system will be free from 21st of June until 1st of July 2019. This means that the people of the region can explore the entire new Light Rail line. A nice summer holiday gift? …

We hope that people will use this service and show that it can be developed further. So go on and take those rides… ! Check out more info about this line on GRT website here.


Source: Grand River Transit (GRT)