Light Rail Tram in Gmunden travels between many tiny villages in Austria. Gmunden is the biggest one with a population of just 14500

A totally new light rail route is now into consideration between Vasklot and Seinäjoki YLE reports. It is now under heavy consideration in Finland. The distance for the new project is about 75.2km that this system could use in not to distance the future which is genius I think.

In the same project, there are also several alternatives into consideration. One of them is Kaskö that is in the area that is also considered into this project or that Kauhajoki will be its final loop. Distrita thinks it’s smart to connect all of the nearest towns in the area to this new duo light rail tram system.

In Karlsruhe, Germany this duo system has been working for years, and the new duo light rail tram system Aarhus, Denmark works really well too. and should be implemented in many places! So let your politicians know about this.

DUO Light Rail Tram In Finland can soon be a Reality

In about 364 km northwest from the capital Helsinki in Finland, you find Seinäjoki. The new DUO Light Rail line will go in this area of the country. With local train alike speeds outside of the towns, the duo light rail route can go between these two cities within 80 minutes max. Also because the public transportation system will be like a tram in the city centers people don’t need to reach the central train station and so many will save the travel time between the two cities.

Essen Tram Underground station
Essen Tram Underground station shows that duo light rail trams can also be quite flexible too!

On the route, it is planned to construct more stations such as Laihela, Storkyro, and Ylistaro which have all been closed down years back. With light rail coming, these stations can become way more effective and they don’t need to have the same service requirements.

Some upgrades on the railway part must be done

Most of the rail route between Vasklot and Seinäjoki is single track. With many new stations planned. It is important to make double track sections at these stations and at other areas of the track so that the duo light rail trams can let the regular trains pass by. Stations for a duo light rail tram system like this isn’t expensive at all. The platforms will be low floor like in Aarhus area. So it is easy for anyone to use them.

If everything gets started to be built now, this project could be done by 2024 and so this area of Finland would have a fantastic public transportation system that is effective and fast. I really think that duo light rail tram systems like this is the best solution for the world. Yes, even in Oslo and many areas in USA for example. These types of transportation option takes people closer to their destinations for most of the people. You don’t have to change to anything else. Just take your duo light rail tram nearer where you should go. Huge central train stations isn’t needed anymore with such system. Which will give the cities more space for other types of stores, companies or residential apartments.

Old railway station outside of Aarhus in Denmark. It is rebuilt to be able to use the duo light rail trams

Here in Oslo, the central train station is using a huge space that could have been used for other buildings or a huge park. Finland should really be thinking of making this idea into reality. It would lift the area a lot and it is known that a tram or a light rail route reduces car traffic a lot in the areas where they are going. When LUAs in Dublin opened, 30000 changed from using their cars to take the tram instead. That resulted in LUAs getting upgrades and more lines. Today it is a very healthy system

Check out our article about the Aarhus light rail that is doing better and better. It is modern, safe, fast and flexible to have a duo light rail system. Encourage your city to get it too.

Source: (Swedish version of YLE website)
* Feature image is from Aarhus, Denmark which is the only town in Scandinavia that got a duo light rail tram system