If you love computers, love camping, love party and love beer. Then Solskogen 2017 was something that you missed! However, with our report. You might even be convinced going there next year? Well. Let’s see if we can invite you next time? Read On…

Lot’s of people at Solskogen here!

Computer Party with Forest BBQ and Fresh Air Feel

This party is held from Friday until Sunday evening in the summer time in Norway. However, you can come when you want to during these days. Most stays there everyday, while some come on Saturday. The party does serve two meals if you have managed to buy extra dinner ticket, but most of people pays for the meal on Saturday evening which is a big BBQ for all the guests at the computer party.

Because of the location where the party is being held, the whole Solskogen computer party feel got this forest feel to it which is pretty neat I must say. It’s near Oslo, but far enough to feel very peaceful once you just walk a few meters away from the computer party house. Just be aware that this party does contain people drinking, so if you think of bringing your children with you. You might have thought about it. However, there was some with one child at the party and it didn’t bother much. Computer people are rather quite nice heavy beer and other alcohol stuff drinkers for sure.

When going to such Computer Party event. You bring your desired computer, a tent for getting better sleep and bring with you a big smile. A computer party is not the same as a LAN gaming party. Here people are social! So, either it’s a chat with a beer or producing something for the many competitions that the computer party does have. You are productive! Either with the mind or with social skills. Gaming is possible, however this is not the main thing at computer parties like Solskogen. So, either you have the newest PC or Mac laptops or any retro computer like Amiga, C64 or anything else. This is a party for people that loves computers and social life! Yes, that’s what Solskogen computer party is!

The finished demoscene result of the Blueberry and Rothie coders at the Live Coding competition at the stage! Incredible!

Twenty Minutes Coding Competition at the Stage at Solskogen 2017

Either you are great at coding, doing graphics, have amazing talents in music making or just want to show your wild stuff on the stage. Then Solskogen is a computer party where you want to be. This party is more about creativity than gaming, which is a fantastic thing.

One of the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen is the Live Coding compo at the stage, where demoscene coders or very good coders competes about making the best and most interesting demo effect within 20 Minutes of coding. That’s a very little time of coding for managing this, but the coders on the stage knows what they are doing for sure. This isn’t their first time! But for me, which isn’t a coder. It’s still very fascinating to watch them do this and you can see their live editing on the big screen.

Solskogen is sort of a miniature of the Revision computer party which is held in Germany each Easter time. So, there are lot’s of compos. They involve all those things that I’ve mentioned! Making a demo by coding it in different sizes. You have 4k, 64k and demo cathegories. Then you have those ones which makes the graphics and music for these demo productions. This is pure art, either you see them in the competition time or later. They are made on all kinds of personal computers, gaming consoles or even gadgets. Its about showing of skills while also make people say wows!. But there is also more to the computer party than the demos. You also have competitions that is targeted those which loves to paind and doing graphics! Yes, there is even a MS Paint category, where you can only use certain amount of colors at once! If you like to make music, then this is a very nice place to get input and votes if you do have amazing talents in music making.

A hall full of computers! This was taken in the early morning before people woke up on Saturday

Here at a computer party like this it’s not about to win the competitions.. But it is to participate and show other people what you like to do. Often when these competitions is held, many in the audience is drunk as hell. But some of them will vote. So, don’t take these points to serious. Do your thing, because you do it and that’s what a computer party is all about. You can of course play games at a party like Solskogen, but that’s not what the party is about. Also, none of the competitions are LAN Gaming related.

The Amazing Solskogen 2017 Gallery

[foogallery id=”23932″]

Great party where you meet Great people

If you have a computer and you use it a lot. Come to a computer party like Solskogen. It is really fun! You meet lots of people and it’s very socialize thing. You also meet people that you want to co-operate with later or get New contacts with. It’s an experience that is worth to try and if you want to check out if your country does have a computer party. My suggestion is to visit website, where you find all of the updates that you need. Here you also find all of the results from this year Solskogen and much more.

So, next year! Bring your caravan or tent! Either you are from Finland, Germany, Spain, USA or even Norway. On computer parties. Everyone are welcome! Hope to see you there next year then! It’s a deal!

One even brought his Amiga 600 with Vampire 600 v2 FPGA card inserted to show! Fantastic!