Are you a 3D fan? Look here! Thanks to LG in Norway we have the world’s first 3D mobile phone from LG called LG Optmus 3D P920. It comes with Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor and with Android 2.2 as standard. The screen is 4.3″. Measures are 128.8 x 68 x 11.9mm. The camera is 5MP, autofocus, LED flash and GPS. So let’s go to the Distrita test lab with it and check it out. The reviewers are Trond and Michal.

What is the first impression?

LG packs their phone into a basic black box. We open it up fast and it’s just a basic package. You have earphones, charger, user manual and a 4gb memory card. So let’s go over to the phone.

The phone looks nice. The design is standard, and is not that unique, but we like holding it in our hands. It is comfortable to hold. It is big due to its big screen so it will not  fit small pockets.

How fast is it?


For me it feels fast. The LG tone in the start is great, but maybe a bit to short? Here LG needs to learn a bit from it’s competitor Samsung I feel. The logoff sound is actually more inspiring. Should be the other way I think.


Haha, the login sound is not that important for me… But I agree that the animated intro is not so inspiring. This is not so important, but everybody will see this intro when they start up their phone for their first time. Let us be impressed, LG. It boots up in 32 seconds, accepted for Android 2.2. The menus feel smooth without any lagging. But I have to say that the menus feel a little bit more boring than e.g Samsung. LG uses more blue style, while Samsung uses more colours. But there are thousands of android menus to download. Browser experience is good too, no lagging.

How is the touch keyboard?


We experienced that the keyboard hangs, but it was resolved after restarting the device. In general, the touch keyboard is good to write with. Since the screen is so large, you will have no problems to access all the letters, even if you have big (male) fingers.


The digital keyboard on the screen is nice. We noticed however that the keyboard hanged completly for some strange reason. We had to reboot it, then it was nice to be used again. Other than that, it got the standard Android digital keyboard interface. Its nice, but there are lots of other options on Android Market to test out. To type is pleasant and comfortable.

So, what can we say about this mobile phone and its 3D features?

The 3D feeling makes thing feel more alive, but we are sure that the 3D effects will be cooler on upcoming LG mobile-phones in the future! This is just a beginning. It has got its own 3D menus, where you can choose games and stuff, cool! But its not part of the Android system. If its going to be 3D, we would wish for a Android GUI fully in 3D and not partly. We also noticed that the 3D screen can become a bit too tough for eyes. You got to get used to it and some eyes wont. We at Distrita says that we prefer a regular screen for daily mobile usage for now, but the 3D part is warm welcome. It’s new, it’s hot and it will stay this time, even though not all of us will like that. The sound is just average.

The 3D makes the screen feels bigger. Just imagine sitting with this mobile-phone on a tight airplane. Nice! The sound is ok too. We compared it to the Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia E90 and Samsung Wave. The sound is great and the soundspeak gives Good Quality Sound we think. Its not in Hi-Fi or the Nokia E90 league, but it is good. The standard music player which comes along with standard Android 2.2 set-up for this LG phone is borring though. Here we think that LG could have worked a bit. We know that LG is good at design and why not use that on the Graphical User Interface on their phones? We ask?…

Sending files?

We transfer a Foo Fighter trailer in 1280×720 via bluetooth and when we play this video clip where everything works fine without lagging or any problems. Absolutely ok.

This phone got a HDMI connector. Does the LG play well on a LCD TV?


We tested it on a 37″ LG LCD TV and the picture is in good quality. Bad thing is that Android or the phone isnt set to detect TV’s screenmode automatic, so you have to goto the Settings -> HDMI preferences and choose the TV mode there.


The  Foo Fighters trailer worked without too much lagging, but  not a too great image, not very sharp indeed, but fair enough. A great solution if you are on a fancy hotel with a TV with HDMI… Makes your Optimus to a Video player in your pocket while you are on travel. Great for playing games and easy entertainment on a big screen. The resolution works best for watching videos.

Why would anyone choose this one?

We think it would fit for you who wants a 3D mobile phone. The screen is also large and if you don’t like the 3D, you can turn it off.

The good thing about this phone is the fact that it uses Android operating system. So, if you want to change the GUI or anything else. This is possible. The menus are fast, and except for the keyboard error (which we only experienced while testing this LG phone!), the system is good. The phone feels a bit faster in its menus, especially when compared to Samsung Galaxy S which is said to be so good.

  • Michal Verdict
  • Trond Verdict


This LG phone is a nice touch from LG. The weight doesn’t bother us so much and the features on the phone is great. The screen itself is bright, but you got to get used to the 3D mode on the phone.

Another note is that, with the 3d effect chosen we get two screens on the TV! It’s a cool function and makes it more fun to watch TV, but if it will be used we aren’t sure.

We test playing lots of the games and it’s a lot more exciting doing this on a big screen. We tested Lets Golf, Asphalt 6, Nova and Gullivers travel. Entertaining and ok, and you have android market of course to download whatever you want.

We also took some photos. Please note that if you take photos in the 3d mode, photos will not become as big as 5 mp, closer to 3mp. Battery is average (1500 mah, nothing more or less than what we are used to. You need to charge it at least every night if you used it like we did.

The weight of is our biggest concern. It is almost 170 gram, and without any querty! For example, Samsung Galaxy S 2 is 116 grams and has the same screen size but without 3d.

Distrita recommends?

Yes. For the 3d enthusiast, no doubt!