Latest from Barcelona MWC 2017: LG’ new flagship: LG G6 with a super tall screen goes official. In fact, LG revealed one of the most exciting mobile phones at the Mobile World Conference, MWC 2017 today. The super-tall 5.7″ screen is maybe the most amazing part of it. The new 18:9 ratio display named “full vision” combined with a resolution of stunning 2880 x 1440 pixels and a pixel density of 565 ppi. It also has a dual camera (wide angel and standard lens), curved corners to protect the screen from being broken if it falls. It is waterproofed and dust proofed. The processor is very good, it’s a Snapdragon 821 so don’t expect a miracle, but it will absolutely be among the better ones out there.lg g6aLG' new flagship: LG G6 with a super tall screen goes official

LG’ new flagship: LG G6 with a super tall screen goes official

At first glance the G6 just looks like another smartphone. Dropping the removable battery that the LG was famous for will meet shared opinions by fans. But LG is targeting the G6 for a big audience, and most of the big masses sets “solid performance” as their main requirement when considering buying new mobile phones. Solid performance means durable built phones and a good stable camera that deliver quality images no matter if it’s a dark evening or sunlight! If you’re after something extraordinary and luxury from LG, you should probably wait for the V30. Rumors about the LG V30 have begun to trickle down in the rumor mill, and speculations about the device have been very encouraging so far. Currently, rumours at are high that the LG V30 would pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, a very impressive 6GB of RAM and a revolutionary camera system unlike anything available on the market today, according to GSM Arena. Apart from these, speculations also state that the LG V30 would revise its iconic second screen into something far more useful.

Well. This is the day of LG G6 Launch. What do you think about the G6? Should LG have stuck to the midding modular design and committed to innovation for the sake of being different? Or are you happy with the thoughtful solid tank they’ve released with the G6?