LG G4 further refines what already made the G3 a compelling flagship. An improved curved screen with 5.5 Inches (2560 x 1440 pixels), beautiful real luxury leather material, and a camera nobody else have, make this phone stand out from the rest! The camera should be totally oustanding compared to iPhone6 and Galaxy S6. It doesn’t look too big, although it’s 5.5 inches, but it’s a bit heavy with its 155 grams. It’s a good phone to hold in your hand! Let’s check the specifications and find out why LG G4 is perfection!

First mobile camera for photographers?

Did you hear it? A mobile camera for professional photographers? Is that finally possible? LG has made a commercial where Professional photographer Colby Brown introduces his brand new LG G4 Camera. And it’s not just bullshit! Photos taken with the G4 looks quite sharp and impressive!They have advanced functions like white balance, blender and possibility to save photos as RAW-format. There are plenty of adjustments and settings that you normally find in expensive dedicated cameras! The front camera is perfect for selfies with 8MP, while the back camera has got a 16MP resolution.

It comes with a dedicated camera button, it’s named Quick Shot! Just touch the rear key on the back side and you grab a photo! It even works when the phone is locked! It’s a way faster than launching the camera app! The Gesture Interval shot is also a great feature, as it is was a common problem taking good selfies on your own! LG G4 allows you take up to 4 photos, and all look different! That’s something we like!

Ringtone ID lets you choose a different ringtone for all your friends, and you will know who calls without having to check the screen!
Quick Memo Plus is another feature that lets you keep the information you need and skip the ads in articles!

Snapdragon 808 is not the fastest processor out there…

It’s a fast phone with its Snapdragon 808, but it’s not as fast the one processor in HTC One M9. It has got 3GB RAM.

LG G4 is the fullfilled dream of perfection. 2K display. First mobile camera for photographers. An improved curved screen with 5.5 Inches. Beautiful leather… What more did you expect!?

LG with stunning 2K display!

The 28.April 2015 is the date to remember. I’m really looking forward for the LG G4! The G3 honestly blew me away especially with that stunning 2K display, and you remember, LG, was in fact the first one laucnhing 2K displays!

New Android Skin from LG with elegant design

One of the reasons why you feel the LG G4 really stands out, is their new GUI UX 4.0. The new user interface of Android looks quite interesting, smooth and elegant:

The curved leather phone LG G4 doesn’t only look great, but IS Great!

Photographing with LG G4 in low light and dark enviroments
How is LG G4 when photographing in low light? This has been the weakest link of all mobile cameras until now. But it seems like LG G4 changes this, it takes fantastic photos no matter what. The colours are accurate, and it gives you the best low-light shots. Here is a quick look at the improvements of the camera:

While Samsung chose to have a non-removable battery solution in their latest topmodel Galaxy S6 and remove the memory card slot, LG gives you the possibility to change battery and insert a micro SD card to extend the memory. That’s something we appreciate! The battery is 3000 mAh.

Is LG G4 worth to be compared with the top models iPhone6, HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6? In our opinion, definitely YES! We have great expectations now, and really look forward to get our very own LG G4.