Bites of chocolate wafers, covered with crispy corn puffs and two separate layers of milk chocolate. This is what the types of chocolate that Hraun is, which I must admit that I have never heard of. Even though I live in a country that is part of the Nordic countries. I’ve never tasted Icelandic chocolate before. So, when I out of sudden saw it on sale at a grocery store here in Norway. I had to buy it to try it. I love all kinds of new chocolate and this GOA product is really interesting.

Let's Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate, these types of chocolate bars from GOA will change the worldLet’s Introduce GOA and its Hraun to the types of chocolate bars that are Delicious

GOA is translated to YOUNG by Google Translate. The sweetshop GOA was founded on the 1st of January 1968. At first, the company had one caramel machine, but in 1973, the production of the Hraun chocolate, which has been the most popular product of the company, began.

In 1993, one of the loveliest sweets of Iceland, GOA in Hafnarfjordur and Linda in Akureyri, ran into one blanket, and in September 2002, Góa bought the operation of the liquorice plant Drift sf.

Among the main products are Goose, Veal, Toffi, Prince, Florida, Brak, Lindubuff, Conga, and Appolo Licorice. At the same time, the company carries sweets distributed to retailers and distributors.

GOA is today the country’s second-largest candy producer. The number of employees is about 50 people and some of them have worked for the company for over 40 years. GOAs CEO is Helgi Vilhjálmsson according to their website. So, now its time to take some bites!

Let's Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate, these types of chocolate bars from GOA will change the world

Share the Moment by sharing Hraun bites

When I saw the box. I thought. This chocolate thing must be perfect for the ultimate cinema movie watching experience. It is easy to open and the bits fit nicely and taste abnormal delicious. Also because of its shape, it is easy to just open and share the Hraun bites with others.


The taste of Hraun is like eating Kvikk Lunsj (Kitkat) with Crispo giving Hraun it’s unique taste.

This chocolate has been with the Icelandic people for over 50 years and they still love it so much that this Icelandic chocolate experience can be found in Norway too! Hraun is a delicious gem that should have been shared with the other Nordic countries many many years ago.

It really seems like Icelandic food seems to become popular. The country is seen as a very clean country that is also a tiny little nation. Their products is seen as quality products, with Skyr yogurt spreading across the world. And now Hraun is sold in other countries like Norway. I’ve never seen this product in Norway before. And it’s a very smart Chocolate bites box that is Delicious.


Let's Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate, these types of chocolate bars from GOA will change the world

Crunchy Wafers with Delicious Chocolate from Iceland

From the very first bite until the last one. Hraun feels yummy. It is crunchy and tasty at the same time. It is a funny crunchy wafer chocolate experience. An experience I envy Icelandic people who had this product for so long. It’s about time this one gets spread. I love the design of the box too.

So, from now on. Need to test more Icelandic chocolate. Because this is worth it! I Love It! We need to taste more of GOA products one day. If I find it. I will try!

Let's Taste the 50 Year old Hraun Chocolate, these types of chocolate bars from GOA will change the world

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