The Traunseetram connects the district capital of Gmunden with the municipalities of Gschwandt, Kirchham and Vorchdorf and represents an important pillar in regional commuter, school, and tourist traffic. By merging the former Traunseebahn and the Gmundner tram to today’s Traunseetram you can go from Vorchdorf to Gmundner Central station and from there drive to the rest of the world. For now, however, the following applies: Just get in, try it out and explore the region with the Traunseetram!

The Gmundner city center, bathing facility, steam train, Grünberg cable car, restaurants, the Salzkammergut shopping park, and the Gmunden train station (ÖBB) can now be reached quickly and easily from the surrounding communities. The new Tramlink (Vossloh) vehicles and the new workshop and coach house in Vorchdorf were put into operation in March 2016.

Traunseetram is a town and village light rail tramway line in Austria, Europe

See the Region Voralpengebiet in Austria with Traunseetram

A ride on the Traunseetram takes you through the beautiful Alpine foothills. On a trip starting from Vorchdorf, you can experience the picturesque landscape around and in Gmunden. Numerous hiking and excursion options, such as a hike in the footsteps of the horse-drawn railway or a trip to the Grünberg are available in the region near Lake Traunsee. A perfect stressless area of Austria.

With you reaching Gmunden Hauptbahnhof on your way to this area. Here is your first meeting with this remarkable light rail tramway system. The city center of the town is located near the Traunsee lake and so they’ve had a connection for many years to the city center. But now you can take the tram that has been transformed into a light rail system to other villages and places too. This is for sure a very nice interurban tram line that connects the region.

So, once you are in the tram. I want to take you through all of the places that you can see on the way. Just remember that not all of the schedules are for the entire route. Gmunden with its 14.500 is the biggest town in the area and so it got the most attention too. So, let’s move. I take you through interesting places on the route from Gmunden Hauptbahnhof to Vorchdorf.

Let’s take the Traunseetram together to Gmunden

The district capital is on the north shore of the remarkable Traunsee lake. In addition to the beautiful location of the Traunsee lake with a view of the spectacular mountains around the Traunstein, Gmunden also impresses with its extensive range of sports and culture, as well as numerous shops and schools.

The green and white flamed decor of Gmundner ceramics and the TV series “Schlosshotel Orth” from the 1990s are known beyond the country’s borders. During the k. u. k. Monarchy was Gmunden as a renowned summer resort, of which numerous villas still testify today. Gmunden has several food markets and other sightseeings to see. Here you even find a cable car system that takes to the higher grounds above Traunsee lake. A must see!

Also you must take a look at the Schloss Ort castle that is in my view one of worlds most beautiful castles ever made. To reach it. Take the Traunseetram to Gmunden Kuferzeile station. Walk about 750 meters and you are at the castle. There are also many restaurants to visit in this town. Which I will go through in another article.

Witness the village Gschwandt at 523 m

9 stations after Gmunden city center. The Traunseetram takes you to a village that lies at an altitude of 523 m. The name is Gschwandt and is located in a hilly landscape with a view of the Traunstein and the Höllengebirge. The parish church and Höselberg Castle are absolutely worth seeing. The small community near Gmunden also has an airfield that is approved for motor planes, motor gliders, and gliders.

A nice way of feeling the Austrian nature. A perfect Where To Go village to see and a perfect example of that a tramway solution like this gives way more life to these small villages than you think.

Keep fit by visiting the Kirchham village

5 stations further towards Vorchdorf on the route of the Traunseetram offer remarkable and wonderful running, hiking and cycling routes, riding trails, playgrounds, and a large sports facility as well as an 18-hole golf course in the Kampesberg district with very demanding, hilly terrain. The club building with a restaurant is open all year round.

So bring your fitness skills. Bring your bike or just take the Traunseetram here to experience fantastic nature or just swing yourself through the golf course there. The Traunseetram is really connecting places and interests together.

Explore the history in Vorchdorf

After the next stations. On the 4th the line reaches Eggenberg Castle which is the home to the Eggenberg Brewery, which, like the castle, can be traced back to the 10th century. The high-rise castle in the center of Vorchdorf is an almost originally preserved Renaissance castle from around 1600, and one of the earliest Renaissance buildings in Austria. This castle is now home to the local history museum and gastronomy.

Traunseetram light rail tramway is 27 station long. All of the trains are low floor so it is easy entering them at any stations they goto. This leads to that way more people in this area feels way better. People in this area either they travel alone, travel with strollers or people needing to use wheelchair have full access everywhere. Most of the track is single during the trip. But in Gmunden and at certain stations the light rail tram trains can bypass each other.

Gmunden is a fantastic small town. With the Traunseetram line keeping the villages connected it shows how fantastic such a system can be. A small town or village can use such trains and they take way less space than a huge local train locomotive.

Important Traunseetram Ticket Info

The OÖVV tariff zone model is clear. The whole of Upper Austria is divided into areas that you are traveling in. Each area corresponds to a tariff zone. There are 448 regional zones and the three zones that Traunseetram covers are Linz, Wels, Steyr. The fare is based on the number and type of tariff zones you are traveling on.

So, when you travel with this tram you go through 3 zones. For 1 zone, look at the price for it. For 2 and 3 if you want to travel further. So if you want to go the entire length of the line. You need to pay at least 3.40 Euros which is not expensive at all.

Here its very nice to see how the company have actually set the prices so that people around the globe travel with their service. By having low prices. People will use the Traunseetram and thats a great move.

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