There are many discussions regarding how to preserve our enviroment. Some of them is quite interesting, while others is pretty much debateable.

Sylvain Boyer wants companies to use less ink for preserving the Enviroment

This French designer news item, which is covered by CNN and in this article they write about that Sylvain thinks that if companies like McDonalds uses less ink in their logos. They will help preserve the enviroment. To do so, they can adjeust their logos slightly he thinks. So, instead of having a McDonalds logo M in full ink. To preserve, would be to redesign the logo to use less ink.

He even have gone so far as even creating a campaign which is called Ecobranding. So, he seems to be dead serious about this topic.

Giant companies like McDonalds prints their logo frequently

He tend to go after the bigger companies like McDonalds, Starbucks and others that prints their logos frequently on bottles etc. to actually use less ink as ink is not good for the enviroment he thinks.

He have already redesigned many logos and thinks that this chang would mean a huge impact on the nature in a positive way. In fact it would help in a massive scale. Especially for the giant companies to put their full filled ink logos on every cup that you and I is drinking something from.

We at Distrita also thinks that this would mean that Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other giants should follow. Not just McDonalds and Starbucks. Msny of the giant fastfood giants also put many decorations on their cups to, including the logos. So, by trying to use less ink on everything. It would help the enviroment a lot.

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So, if you see a company that got logos on their cup with lots of ink filling on them. Write to the company and make them change. We consumers have lots to say regarding such changes as these giants or others wants customers to use their restaurants. So, we need to tell.